As the originators and pioneers of this temporary noise control concept at SOUNDEX®, we understand the importance of a quiet environment better than anyone else.

History & Heritage

Soundex was created as a direct result of requests from the construction industry who had been looking for a more temporary, lightweight solution to noise.  And today, our valued and appreciated customers are still our most important and critical partners in assisting us and driving forward the ever evolving range of temporary noise solutions.

  • Prior to the creation of the flexible Soundex barrier we have today in 2007 our original offering was a modular system of two-faced steel panels enclosing a sound absorbent material, which slotted into steel frames. This enabled acoustic barriers to be erected very quickly to any configuration of enclosure. The system was effective, but handling rather heavy!

  • One good idea led to another and in early 2009 the world acclaimed and patented SOUNDEX acoustic curtain for temporary noise control was launched! Designed with the aid of an internationally recognised professor in acoustics, the original curtain contained Rockwool encased between heavy grade PVC and PVC mesh sheets, designed to be hung on scaffolding.

  • This rapidly developed into the current barriers mainly used on temporary fencing, which comprise of high efficiency acoustic cores incorporating full weather and fire resistant technologies. The patented design incorporated our unique wide bands of ‘Velcro’ on the edges to ensure an un-broken barrier for maximum noise resistance efficacy, and eyelets for easy installation.

Expert Knowledge

Soundex has maintained market supremacy with consistent product integrity, internationally recognised independent certifications, and a policy of continuous improvement and evolution of new products.

Soundex now offers the widest range worldwide of temporary noise barriers, enclosures, attenuators, together with a dedicated team in research and development to meet all our customers’ requirements. Years of research and testing have enabled us to attain the coveted recognition by London Underground as the only sound barrier to meet its most demanding fire rating requirements.