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Demolition Noise Control

Scaffold Acoustic Cladding

The exceptional noise suppression is not the only benefit when using SOUNDEX® during demolition activities, the highly durable fire and water resistant barriers also assist with dust and particle containment in this arduous environment.

Demolition is a key industry where the SOUNDEX® range of products have been tried, tested and proved for many years. The excellent durability of the SOUNDEX® system is essential for the arduous nature of this sector retaining its integrity and performance regardless of almost however harsh the environment. They have increased the corporate image of many companies whilst significantly reducing the impact of noise pollution on the surrounding neighbourhood.

Please select the icon depicting the noise source that matches your activity best in the noise sources section above for detailed information on the most suitable SOUNDEX®product for your needs.

Can’t find your specific noise source? Compare all SOUNDEXSOLUTIONS® for our recommendations of what products to use to attenuate potential noise source issues.

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