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Property Maintenance Noise Control

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Property Management is a key industry in the utilisation of SOUNDEX® temporary noise control solutions. These products have been used during maintenance projects within the Houses of Parliament, NHS Departments, Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and many other noise sensitive and critical locations.

The SOUNDEX® range of industrial enclosures, curtains and quilts have been a major asset to property maintenance firms and personnel. They have enabled repairs to be carried out with the most minimal impact often without causing any interruption with business hours or trading. Small localised areas can be cordoned off to accommodate one of the SOUNDEX® Quick-Tech® enclosures which can be adapted with various options including lighting, power and dust and fume extraction. The palletised transportability of the SOUNDEX® systems means that the products can be brought right to the required location with ease.

Please select the icon depicting the noise source that matches your activity best in the noise sources section above for detailed information on the most suitable SOUNDEX® product for your needs.

Can’t find your specific noise source? Compare all SOUNDEXSOLUTIONS® for our recommendations of what products to use to attenuate potential noise source issues.

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