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  • SOUNDEX® keeping the noise down at Vikoma

    It is all systems go for noisy work on Vikoma’s new manufacturing facility in the UK thanks to the delivery of a bespoke modular SOUNDEX® Acoustic Enclosure, the first of its kind created by the company.

    Vikoma bespoke modular SOUNDEX® Acoustic Enclosure

    Vikoma, a world leader in the design and manufacture of oil and chemical pollution control systems, approached SOUNDEX® with very specific design requirements for a large enclosure that would reduce noise pollution during quality control tests carried out in the factory before their products are delivered to the final customer.

    ​The completed 5m² Acoustic Enclosure controls noise and a modular, fully collapsible design on wheels can be easily transported throughout the site and stored when required. The acoustic barrier is completely fire and weather resistant as well as being free from irritant materials.

    For more information on SOUNDEX® temporary noise control solutions including our bespoke design service call us on 0844 901 6622.

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