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  • SOUNDEX® launch new DeciBloc® Acoustic Barrier range

    Flexible and lightweight noise control solution destined to be a “must have” for all construction projects in public places.

    DeciBloc Soundex Acoustic Quilt

    At SOUNDEX®, we listen to our customers and, in response, we are continuously developing new products that aim to “tick the right boxes” to resolve noise control issues throughout their projects. Keeping site noise under control has become a key requirement on almost all construction sites and adhering to environmental noise guidelines is vital if projects are to be completed on time and on budget.

    One of the latest additions to our growing range has been the launch of the DeciBloc® Acoustic Barriers, a concise range of lightweight acoustic curtains and quilts that have been designed to deliver an economical solution to noise control. With an excellent maximum attenuation rating of 25.9dB, the DeciBloc range will provide effective attenuation for almost all noise related activities in construction and other similar industries.

    As well as their flexibility, being lightweight is one of the key features of the DeciBloc® product range. The lightweight and flexible attributes ensure that an acoustic enclosure or fence can be installed easily and quickly in all types of situations where noise control is required. Fully tested and certified to meet BS EN standards, the barriers are weather resistant and contain a non-irritant acoustic material with no glass-fibre content with the additional crucial fire resistance, therefore making them an ideal choice for public areas.

    From hoardings and scaffolding to fencing and walls, eyelets inserted round the perimeter of the barriers allow them to be secured by cable ties, screws or specialist fixing kits to almost any structure. Once the project is competed, thanks to our signature easy-fold-down design, DeciBloc® barriers can be removed, palletised and economically transported and stored safely for repeat use.

    The DeciBloc® range consists of three product sizes, a 1250 X 2050 mm curtain, a larger 3600 x 2050 mm quilt and a new plus sized curtain spanning 1865 x 2050mm, so whatever the specific dimensions of the area where sound proofing is required, DeciBloc® is a flexible choice.

    “We are very excited about the potential growth for the DeciBloc® Acoustic Barrier,” says Caleb Taylor, Global Sales and Marketing Manager at Soundex®. “The flexible and lightweight nature of the products combined with ease of installation and storage ensures that this ‘off the shelf’ range will meet the noise control requirements in a whole host of situations.”

    For more information on SOUNDEX® DeciBloc® Acoustic Barrier range download the product brochure here and for our complete range of SOUNDEX® solutions including our bespoke design service visit our Noise Reduction products.

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