Watch The New E9/2 Maxi Enclosure In Action | Soundex


  • Watch The New E9/2 Maxi Enclosure In Action

    RVT works with Willmott Dixon on one of their sites to produce videography of best practice of effective noise control in action – watch the new E9/2 Soundex Maxi enclosure in action.

    E9/2 Maxi enclosure

    An on-site case study with the E9/2 Maxi Enclosure, initial performances indicate a reduction of between 15-20 decibels while using a circular saw for cutting plywood. Workers outside the enclosure won’t need to wear any sort of ear protection due to the E9/2 - Maxi Enclosures preventing any great noise pollution from escaping the enclosure.

    To also reduce the noise further the Raptor Dust Extraction which connects to the E9/2 - Maxi Enclosure, creates an exit pressure within the Enclosure stopping any dust from leaving the enclosure. This protects not only the workers outside the enclosure from noise but also dust.