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Metro Underground Copenhagen renovation work noise control

Metro Underground Copenhagen

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark | Industry: Civil Engineering

Project Information

Following an enquiry from the governing body for this extensive contract site visits and consultations were organised. Due to the very close proximity of the civil engineering processes to residential property, complaints had led to drastic reductions in the permitted working hours. Further to our consultations the company involved purchased the SOUNDEX® Q1/1 Contractor Acoustic Quilts to form large screens and bespoke enclosures for protecting the residents and to isolate any particularly high noise sources. ​

  • Elliot Collins Buyer,

    Just a quick ‘to the point’ email to confirm our recognition of how well the SOUNDEX® acoustic quilts/curtains provided performed at our project. The acoustic quilts/curtains performed extremely well and were easy to install which was noted by our ability to complete works without further nuisance to neighbours and complete the works for our client on time.