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Tay Road Bridge works noise control

Tay Road Bridge

Location: Dundee, Scotland | Industry: Civil Engineering

Project Information

Customer Testimonial
In relation to use of the SOUNDEX® E3/2 Quick-Tech Acoustic Enclosures, we have now used these on two different occasions. The first occasion was in relation to concrete coring works at night in preparation of a bridge demolition in Dundee. The other was cutting timber panels for structural works also at night for a bridge installation works on the same site. All the works took place on the water front in Dundee next to the main train station. As we had limitations on noisy work activities between 7pm and 6am every night, the SOUNDEX® equipment reduced the noise levels to an acceptable level and allowed us to progress with project. If we are required to carry out any further noisy works at night for activities such as core cutting, slab cutting, steel cutting etc., we will use the SOUNDEX® acoustic tent again to limit the noise migration.